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What Educators Say...
What Doctors, Students, Parents & Grandparents Say...

“So simple, why didn't anyone think of this sooner? The cursive solution to letter flipping is just ingenious. Montessori advocated 'following the child.' She stressed the importance of observing the child and adapting the materials.
Well done!

Another piece of Montessori wisdom involves never giving the primary child's mind more than you give the hands. Practicing reading skills hand in hand with practicing physical skills is brilliant! It is engaging, incorporating both movement and comprehension. It is win–win.

How fun! Laughter bathes the brain in enzymes that make the brain so much more receptive to new learning. The experience is so pleasurable that learning truly becomes its own reward. 'When you love your work, you never work a day in your life.' (Zen saying) How wonderful to get started on the right foot from the very beginning!  

Attention to detail in doing the research has resulted in a unique solution for helping reluctant readers succeed.”

— Cathy Foutz, Primary Montessori Teacher and Outdoor Educator


“The Engaged Reader books provide far more than a typical passive reading experience. The interaction and intimacy that arises from following the action commands is so valuable to early readers, particularly for connecting the mind and the body and for building the neural networks necessary to successfully read. As a retired Los Angeles Unified School District principal, I am well aware that many children benefit from a kinesthetic, rather than solely visual approach to reading. These engaging books that encourage children to move while they learn and to actively participate while reading greatly enhance the learning experience!”

— Odaris Jordan, Retired Principal


“I love the Engaged Reader books. They are filled with creative ways to get readers to act out what they read. Before reading the books in this series I did not know that acting out stories could help comprehension. I also did not know that dyslexia could be helped with cursive. I am so glad that this information and research is now more readily available to teachers through these wonderful books!”

— Sherry Vain-Callahan, Special Education Teacher


“The Engaged Reader Books in Cursive books are so warm and original. The experience of reading them closely with a parent gives the one-on-one attention that kids with reading problems need. The reading in cursive is a brilliant idea and as a retired teacher I hope they will expand into workbooks, projects, and cursive writing lessons. So clever and loving”

— Ruby Racine, Elementary Special Education/reading specialist


“As a Montessori teacher I consider the classroom a laboratory. Every child learns differently and books in cursive is an ingenious option. I can’t believe no one ever thought to write books in cursive before now! These books are a treasure.”

— Sarah Bannat, Primary Montessori Teacher


"As a primary teacher, I am extremely impressed with how creative, well written, and engaging these books are! I not only love how they promote inquiry and comprehension, but they provide an opportunity for such a wonderful bonding experience between a child and an adult. If other children read these books they will truly be inspired!"


 — Rachel Geddes, Elementary School Teacher


“The Engaged Reader book series is a priceless, simple, series to help children who may have challenges learning to read, for example those with dyslexia. The use of cursive along with action has promising results that engage the reader and encourage interaction to stimulate the growth and patterning of necessary neuronal pathways in the brain. “


Stephany Porter, ND, FABNO   

    Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of The Bodhi Clinic, Maryland


“Many Pennies is fun! I like it a lot.”

— Max, age 6


“I like the hand motions we used to make the hand shadows and I liked to read by candlelight. It was so much fun!”

— Max, age 6



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