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Children who are engaged with what they are reading learn to read more easily.

With new Common Core Standards, training in cursive has been discontinued from the public school system. This, in our opinion, constitutes a great loss to students. Cursive is fast, efficient, not as tiring to the hand as print, promotes a meditative flow while writing, and has great beauty. Learning cursive has also been shown to help some people minimize dyslexic reversals.  For more on the benefits of cursive, click here.






















Cursive helps dyslexics who are struggling with letter flipping.
Engaged Reading Builds Confidence, Stimulates Enjoyment, and Prepares the Young Reader for the Next Level
Many Pennies
(A Book to Read Aloud With Mom)

Many Pennies provides your child the opportunity to "read & do" funny and engaging actions with a handful of pennies. Prepare to laugh, play, and pay out about 20 cents to your child  by the time the book is over. This book is to be read with mom, so if you are wanting to read with a child and are not the child's mom, look for one of the other titles in our series or be a fill-in for the mom prompts!

Unlocking the Secrets of Hand Shadows (A Book to Read Aloud With Dad)

In Unlocking the Secrets of Hand Shadows, prepare to read by candelight in a darkened room while making a series of hand shadows in the flickering  light on the wall. Figure out the secrets of the different animals yourself, or be surprised as they come unveiled through photos showing how it is done! This book is to be read alone with dad, so if you are wanting to read with a child and are not the child's dad, look for one of the other titles in our series or be a fill-in for the dad prompts!



The books in our series are action-oriented. After each sentence there is an action to take, indicated by the instruction: Go! The pairing of simple reading with an action that makes a reading partner laugh, nod approval, or interact creates both a sense of meaningfulness for the child reader, and provides the satisfaction that their reading has effectively produced results. For more information on the importance of engagement while reading, click here.





Cursive has Historical Significance

Many historical documents were written in cursive! Help your child appreciate the script of our founding fathers. For more information click here.

The Engaged Reader Books in Cursive “Read and Do” Series was conceived to help our son Bain who was a struggling, distracted, and reluctant reader. For his story of how he became a competent and engaged reader, click here.

Note: You may need props (such as pennies, or a darkened room and lit candle) before using our books. Please check the instructions before settling in with your child!

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